Man-Ching Donald Yu



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The release of the third personal album "Nine Dragons" by Zimbel Records in 2014 spring.

he second personal album "Surrealistic Soundscapes" -released by Albany Records in 2012 fall

" Yu's style forms an arresting and personal intermixing of tonal and atonal languages, with the musical colors and gestures of his native country infiltrating the mix..."-Fanfare

''I recommend this disc most heartily to those who find themselves absorbed in the music of our time''-Fanfare

"Yu's orchestral textures show a highly skilled hand at work, and the dramatic thrust is palpable: here is a composer with something to say and the means to say it." -Fanfare

"Yu's Octet for Strings is a succinctly structured, compelling composition, and could find a place as the ideal 21st century companion to the Mendelssohn Octet on a concert program."  -Fanfare

"Yu's piano pieces display Yu's prowess at the keyboard......."  -Fanfare

"Yu's First Symphony is a powerful work, and rather dark in timbre......" -Fanfare

"Yu's From the Depth, like the symphony, is a powerful one, even in its quieter moments, although it is cut from a more tonal cloth than is its predecessor." -Fanfare

"Yu's Disintegration for piano and electronics are all extremely evocative and effective, all the more so if you know the original Dali painting, which if you know anything about his work, you very likely do." -Fanfare

"In From the Depth, Yu hammers his point home with passionate tones."-Fanfare