Dr. Man-Ching Donald Yu
, pianist

Creative/Scholarly Works and Activities

Academic Conferences

  • Pitch-Class Formations in Joseph Schwantner's Distant Runes and Incantations The 9th International Music Theory Conference in the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. (14th March, 2011)
  • Investigating Transformational Voice-Leading of Diatonic Materials in Ligeti's Etude No. 15 "White on White." The Keele Music Analysis Conference 2015 (the Society for Music Analysis), Keele University, Keele, United Kingdom. (8-10th July, 2015)
  • Interpreting Some Transformational Aspects of Pentatonicism in Post-tonal Chinese Music on Dual Interval Space. The 2016 International Conference "Orient in Music, Music of the Orient" in Grazyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music, Poland. (13 March, 2016)

(Highlighted) Composition Performances from 2007-2016

  • Momentary Suspension for pipa and string quartet. Premiere: Ensemble Dialog; pipa, Lingling Yu. The 4th EurAsia International Music Festival, Chinese-European Project, Sverdlovsk Philharmonic Hall, Yekaternburg, Russia. (7th October, 2017)
  • Etude: Looping Towards the Point for piano. Performance: Georgia Lazaridou, piano. The 2017 International Youth Chamber Music Festival "Music without Borders." Porto Carras, Greece. (August 3rd, 2017)
  • Polarity for cello. Premiere: Zoltan Almashi, cello. Gulfstream Cadence Festival. The House of the National Composers' Union. Ukraine. (May 19th, 2017)
  • Merging and Diverging for viola. Premiere: Andrew Tuchapets, viola. Gulfstream Cadence Festival. The House of the National Composers' Union. Ukraine. (May 19th, 2017)
  • Rippling for clarinet choir. Premiere: Truman Clarinet Choir; conductor, Jesse Kreb. Truman Clarinet Choir Spring Concert. Ophelia Parrish Performance Hall, Missouri, United States. (April 9th, 2017)
  • The Maximum Speed of Raphael's Madonna for flute and piano. Performance: flute, Linda Chatterton; piano, Aristo Sham. Hong Kong New Music Showcase: An Evening of Chamber Music from Hong Kong Composers. DiMenna Centre for Classical Music, New York, United States. (April 8th, 2017)
  • Polarity for cello. Premiere: cello, Asep Hidayat. Faculty and Guest Artist Recital Series. Studio Resital. Konservatorium Musik Jakarta, Indonesia. (February 23rd, 2017)
  • Falling Pity on Farmers for two-part high voice chorus and piano. Premiere: Hong Kong Children's Choir; conductor, Miss Kathy Fok; piano, Miss Colleen Lee. New Choral Settings of Tang Poems Gala Concert. Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall, Hong Kong. (January 3rd, 2016)
  • Drinking Alone Under the Moon for mezzo-soprano and piano. Performance: mezzo-soprano, Clio montrey; piano, kathrin buczak. Laser Harp Liederabend. Takt Verein. Vienna, Austria. (October 31st, 2016)
  • Tower for clarinet and piano. Premiere: Clarinet, Dr .Jesse Krebs; piano, Dr. Lok Ng. New Horizons Music Festival. The Ophelia Parrish Performance Hall. Truman State University. Missouri, United States. (October 8th, 2016)
  • Listen to Me Lord for SATB and organ. Premiere: Christian Choir of HKUSU. Organ, Gary Tong. The 10th Anniversary of the HKUSU Christian Choir Communion Worship Service. St. Stephen Church. Hong Kong. (July 8th, 2016)
  • Etude: Looping Towards the Point for piano. Premiere: Pianist, Georgia Lazaridou. Summer Chamber Music Festival: Fire and Ice. Schaeffer Auditorium. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, United States. (July 2nd, 2016)
  • Force for bassoon and zheng. Premiere: Bassoon, So Lo Ling; Zheng, Yolky Wong. Jocky Club Creative Arts Centre, Black Box Theatre. Hong Kong, Organized by the Yao Yuen Chinese Music Association. (February 28th, 2016)
  • Toccata Fantastique and Meditation for organ. Performance: Organ, Dr. Jane Cheung. Music and Church Tour: Organ Music in Church. China Congregational Church. Hong Kong: The 44th Hong Kong Arts Festival. (January 23rd, 2016)
  • Drinking Alone under the Moon for mezzo-soprano and piano.  Premiere: Mezzo-soprano, Clio Montrey; Pianist Genevieve Jalbert. Fleurs Rejetees Concert Series. Resonance Cafe, Montreal, Canada. (November 10th, 2015)
  • Ballades for four Seasons for soprano and chamber orchestra. Premiere New Score Chamber Orchestra, soprano: Shelley Chen; Conductor, Todd Craven. Abbey Theatre, Maitland Presbyterian Church, Florida, United States. (August 29th and 30th, 2015)
  • String Quartet No. 2 "Head on Vortex". Premiere: Mixed String Quartet Goran Uzelac, first violin, Selena Jakovljevic, second violin, Aleksandra Stanic, viola, Julijana Markovic, violoncello. Foyer of the National Bank of Serbia. Composers Association of Serbia 24th International Review of Composers. Belgrade, Serbia. (September 26th, 2015)
  • Double Concerto "Urban Amber" for zhongruan, harmonica, and Chinese Orchestra. Premiere: Commissioned by the Yah Yuen Chinese Music Association/Orchestra. Conducted by Leung Chi Cheung. Harmonica by Gordon Lee, Zhong Yuen by Cathy Wong. Hong Kong City Hall Concerto Hall. Hong Kong. (June 26th, 2015)
  • Lost in Civilization for chamber ensemble. Premiere: Icarius Ensemble, conductor: Marco Pedrazzini. Organized by the Associazione amici di Musica/Realta, EXPO chamber concert "Cina, musica oggi". Auditorium Di Vittorio, corso di porta vittoria. Milan, Italy. (June 11th, 2015)
  • Emotional Wave for piano 4-hand. Premiere: Duo Pianistico di Firenza. Festa dei 25 anni di attivita del Duo Pianistico di Firenza. Postoia Aula Magna del Seminario Vescovile. Florence, Italy.  (May 8th, 2015)
  • Apocalypse for orchestra. Performance: EdUHK Orchestra, conductor: Kelvin Ngai. EdUHK Annual Concert. Tuen Mun Town Hall Auditorium, Hong Kong. (May 24th, 2015)
  • Purpling Skies for cello and piano.  Premiere: Senza Sforzando Eensemble. Cello, Yevhen Dovbysh; Piano, Oleksandr O. Perepelytsia. Odessa Philharmonic Theater. The 21th International Festival of Modern Art :Two Days and Two Nights of New Music. Odessa, Ukraine: The International Public Organization Association New Music. (April 26-27, 2015)
  • I Call on You for SA choir. Premiere: The Choral Fellows of the Harvard University Choir. Conductor, Carson Cooman. Memorial Church, Harvard University. (February 24th, 2015).
  • Chromatic Fantasy: Divertimento for organ. Premiere: Organ, Gail Archer. Organ Concert Series. St. Mary Cathedral. San Franciso, United States. (January 18th, 2015).
  • Spring Flower for clarinet, flute and bassoon. Premiere: Bassoon, Tri; Clarinet, Iwang Prasidha; Flute, Radhitya. M. Conducted by Kee Yong Chong. Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival. Concert Hall Post Graduate Indonesian Institute of the Art. Indonesia: Independent Composers Community Yogyakarta with Asian Cultural Council. (November 27th, 2014) 
  • Wind from the South for clarinet, trumpet and piano. Premiere: Trumpet, Greg Jones; Clarinet, Jesse Krebs; Piano, Janet Coggins. New Horizons Music Festival, Ophelia Parrish Performance Hall, Truman State University, Missouri, US , USA. (October 25th, 2014) 
  • String Quartet No 2 "Head on Vortex". Premiere: Gulfstream String Quartet: Olga Akolishnova, Mariana Skrypa, Andriy Tuchapets, Zoltan Almashi. International Festival of Modern Music "Kyiv Music Fest." Music Hall of the National Union of Composers. (October 3rd, 2014)
  • Symphony of Winds "Heavenly Justice" for wind ensemble, piano, and organ. Premiere: Khmelnytsky philharmonic. Conductor, Taras Martynyk. Khmelnytsky Philharmonic Hall. (September 22nd, 2014)
  • Snow for pipa and cello. Premiere: Pipa, Lingling Yu; Cello, Georgy Gusev. II International Festival "Master of Music". The Myaskovsky Hall Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Russia. (September 14th, 2014)
  • Divine Image for mezzo-soprano and two violins. Premiere: mezzo-soprano, Clio Montrey; violins, Caroviolina Mazalesky, Yury Revich. Camerae, Nikki Bogart Verein, Vienna, Austria. (February 21st, 2014)
  • Calligraphic Motion for trombone solo. Premiere: Trombone, Chris Buckholz. The University of New Mexico Music Faculty Recital. Keller Hall, Center for the Arts, University of New Mexico. New Mexico, United States. (5th February, 2014)
  • The Great Wall for piano, bassoon, and clarinet. Premiere: Marco Orchestra Players. Clarinet, Ka Wei Chuang; bassoon, Tsang Shien Yung; piano, Donald Yu, the Macau Polytechnic University, the University of Macau, and the Macau University of Science and Technology. Asian Contemporary Composer Chamber Concert Series, organized by the Macau Orchestra. Supported by a fund from the Cultural Institute of Macau SAR Government and Macau Orchestra. (December 4th, 6th, 7th, 2013)
  • Symphony No. 2 "World" for orchestra, large chorus, and soloists. Premiere: Uzhgorod Philharmonic Orchestra, with the Transcarpathian Honoured Academic Folk Choir, conducted by Natalia Petiy-Potapchuk. Uzhhorod Philharmonic Hall, Ukraine. (October 30th, 2013)
  • Flaming Passion for piano, flute and cello. Premiere: f
    lute, Ana Radoicic; cello, Mladja Arsenovic; piano, Donald Yu.
     Concert After Symposium, the 8th International Scientific Conference: Serbia Arts, Literature and Language. T
    he university of Kragujavec, 
    Kragujevac, Serbia. (October 25th, 2013)
  • Buiseonrando for trombone and piano. Premiere: Trombone, Tony Baker; Piano, Anastasia Markina. The Faculty Recital of Tony Baker. Voertman Hall, the College of Music Building, University of Northern Texas, U.S.A.(10th October, 2013)
  • Divertimento: Chromatic Fantasy for organ. Premiere: Organ, Gary Tong.  Hong Kong Cultural Centre Arts Education Programm: The Transcendent Instrument Pipe Organ Education Concert. The Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall, Hong Kong. (3rd and 4th October, 2013)
  • The Refraction of Shadow for trombone and piano. Performance: Trombone, Chris Buckholz; Piano, Jui-ling Hsu. The University of New Mexico Music Faculty Recital. Keller Hall, Center for the Arts, University of New Mexico. New Mexico, United States. (19th September, 2013)
  • In-betwen Play and Pluck for yanqin, pipa, and sanxian. Premiere: Pang Wai Lun, pipa, Mung Mei Kwan; Miranda,yangqin; Lau Mo Wah, sanxian.  "To PLUCK with LOVE" - From Micro-film to Chinese Music 1. The Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Hong Kong. Commissioned on a fund by the Yah Yuen Chinese Music Association. Serving as the composer-in-residence of the Yah Yuen Chinese Music Association.(26th July, 2013)
  • Contemplation for piano. Premiere: piano, Donald Yu. Musik mit Klavier und Elektronik. (Concert is partly sponsored by the Leopold-Mozart-Zentrum der Universitaet Auguburg.) Rokokosaal der Regierung. Augsburg, Germany. (5th July, 2013)   
  • Clouds in My Dream for piano and electronics. Premiere: piano, Donald Yu. Musik mit Klavier und Elektronik. (Concert is partly sponsored by the Leopold-Mozart-Zentrum der Universitaet Auguburg.) Rokokosaal der Regierung. Augsburg, Germany. (5th July, 2013)    
  • Tunneling for piano and electronics. Premiere: piano, Donald Yu.Musik mit Klavier und Elektronik. (Concert is partly sponsored by the Leopold-Mozart-Zentrum der Universitaet Auguburg.) Rokokosaal der Regierung. Augsburg, Germany. (5th July, 2013) 
  • Air for chamber orchestra. Premiere: New Score Chamber Orchestra and conducted by Dr. Mauricio Cespedes. The Second Annual Performance of NSCO. St Luke's Lutheran Church, Oviedo Florida, United States. (May 19th, 2013.)
  • Sign of Spring for piano and double bass. Premiere: piano, Tricia Dawn Williams; double bass, Gjorgji Cincievski. The 7th Malta International Spring Festival. Sala Isouard, Manoel Theatre, Malta. (6th April, 2013)
  • Fishing In Snow for trumpet and piano. Performance: trumpet, Randy Grabowski; piano, Sean Botkin. Faculty Recital, Bengtson Auditorium, the University of Northern Iowa, United States. (22nd January, 2013)
  • Fancy for violin. Performance: violin, Ostap Shutko. Composition Concert. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy, Ukraine. (24th December, 2012)
  • Emotional Wave for piano 4-hand. Premiere: Musicorba Duo. 2012 Dehli International Arts Festival, Stein Auditorium , Habitat World, Delhi, India. (30th October, 2012)
  • Fishing in Snow for trumpet and piano. Premiere: trumpet, Greg Jones; piano, Jenny Choo. New Music Festival of chamber music concert, Ophelia Parrish Performance HallroTruman State University, Missouri, US. (26th October, 2012) 
  • Blossoms for brass ensemble. Premiere: Truman State University Brass Choir, conducted by Greg Jones. New Music Festival of large ensemble concert, Ophelia Parrish Performance HallgrTruman State University, Missouri, US. (25th October, 2012)
  • Meditation for organ, Mystical Aria for organ. Performance: organ, Calvert Johnson. "New Organ Music by Chinese, Japanese and Korean Composers," 2012 national convention of the American Guild of Organist, Nashville Convention Center, East Exhibit Hall, Tennessee. (2nd July, 2012)
  • Sunset in my Motherland for piano, violin and clarinet. Premiere: Equinox Trio (piano, Tricia Dawn Williams; clarinet, Lino Priotta; violin, Tatjana Chircop). Music Across 5000 miles, "Palazzo Victoria," Victory Square at the Peace Band Club in Naxxar, Malta. (8th, 9th June, 2012)
  • Fancy for violin solo. Premiere: violin, Ostap Shutko. 17th International Festival of Modern Art: Two Days and Two Nights of New Music, Odessa Regional Philharmonic Hall, Ukraine. (24th April, 2011)
  • From the Depth: Psalm 130 for soprano, chorus and orchestra. Premiere: Opera Hong Kong Chorus, conducted by Jimmy Chan. Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall, Opera Hong Kong Chorus Annual Concert 2011. (13th March, 2011)
  • Apocalypse for orchestra. Premiere: Chernivtsi Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Josyp Sozansky. Concert In Memory of Beethoven born on 17th Dec 1770, Chernivtsi Philharmonic Hall, Ukraine. (16th December, 2010)
  • Nine Dragons for piano. Premiere: pianist, Angelica Liviana. Lembaga Indonesia Prancis Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival, Indonesia. (21st October, 2010)
  • Disintegration for piano and electronics. Performance: piano, Donald Yu. "Australasian Computer Music Conference," Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. (3rd July, 2009)
  • First Symphony. Premiere: Lugansk Academic Philharmonic Symphony orchestra, conducted by Serhij Chernyak. The 2010 Abonnement Concert, Lugansk Philharmonic Hall, Ukraine. (18th February, 2010)
  • Explosion for piano. Premiere: pianist, Donald Yu. Akademiekonzert, International Summer Academy of the Mozarteum University of Salzburg, Kleines Studio, Austria. (7th August, 2007)
  • Explosion for piano. Premiere: pianist, Donald Yu, 2007. The 3rd Cortona Contemporary Music Festival, Cortona, Italy. (20th July, 2007)  
  • Reflections for trombone choir. Premiere: Ithaca Trombone Troupe. The 18th Annual Fruehling Posaunen Concert "Spring Trombones Festival," Pennsylvania State University's Esber Recital Hall, Elmira College's Gibson Theater. (1st and 2nd April, 2007)
  • Twelve Preludes for organ. Premiere: organist, Carson Cooman. "Viaje de Mexico''(Mexico Visiting), San Francisco El Grande, Teatro de Bellas Artes Mexico, Temple San Antonio Mexico. (25th March, 2007)
  • An Anthem: Our Father for mixed choir. Premiere: conductor Carson Cooman with the Choral Fellows of the Harvard University Choir. Memorial Church, Harvard University. (14th February, 2007)