Dr. Man-Ching Donald Yu
, pianist

Publication and Discography

Selected Journal Publication/Book Chapter (2012-2017)

  • Yu, M.C. (2013). "Transformations of Diatonic Materials and Tonal Procedure in Ligeti's Etude No. 15 "White on White." New Sound: International Journal of Music 41: 117-138.
  • Yu, M.C. (2013). Motivic Organizations in Joseph Schwantner's Distant Runes and Incantations. Milos Zatkalik, Denis Collins, Milena Medic, Histories and Narratives of Music Analysis (420-450). United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Yu, M. C. (2017). Interpreting Some Transformational Aspects of Pentatonicism and Post-tonal Chinese Music on Dual Interval Space. The Orient in Music-Music of the Orient, 201-221. United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Score Publications (2012-2019)

  • Oneness for flute and piano (Babelscores ISMN 979-0-2325-3515-9) France
  • Convergence for violin and cello (Babelscores ISMN 979-0-2325-3824-2) France
  • Ring for harp and piano (Babelscores ISMN 979-0-2325-3755-9) France
  • Diffuser for violin, trumpet and piano (Babelscores ISMN 979-0-2325-3628-6) France
  • Rippling for clarinet choir (Babelscores ISMN 979-0-2325-3344-5) France
  • Transformations for clarinet (Babelscores ISMN 979-0-2325-3343-8) France
  • Emergence for piano trio (Babelscores ISMN 979-0-2325-3342-1) France
  • Dilating for trombone choir (Babelscores ISMN 979-0-2325-3341-4) France
  • Higher Dimensioning for percussion ensemble (Babelscores ISMN 979-0-2325-3340-7) France
  • Expansion for piano (Babelscores ISMN 979-0-2325-3332-2) France
  • Traversing for organ (Babelscores ISMN 970-0-2325-3331-5) France
  • String Quartet No. 2 "Head On Vortex" (Da Vinci Edition DV 10890) Italy/Japan
  • Momentary Suspension for pipa and string quartet (Da Vinci Edition DV 10885) Italy/Japan
  • Disintegration for piano and electronics (Da Vinci Edition DV 20867) Italy/Japan
  • Octet for string (Da Vinci Edition DV 10869) Italy/Japan
  • From the Depth for SATB mixed chorus and chamber orchestra (Da Vinci Edition DV 10868) Italy/Japan
  • Merging and Diverging for viola (Da Vinci Edition DV 10870) Italy/Japan
  • Sensitivity for saxophone quartet. (Golden Hearts Publications, GHYA-01) Japan
  • Twilight High-Rise for trumpet and piano (Verlag vierdreiunddreissig ISMN 50098-325-5)
  • Force for bassoon and zheng. (Verlag vierdreiunddreissig ISMN-50098-324-8)
  • Ballades for Four Seasons for soprano and chamber orchestra. (Verlag vierdreiunddreissig ISMN M-50098-321-7)
  • Concerto for piano and chamber orchestra. (Verlag vierdreiunddreissig ISMN M-50098-322-4)
  • Symphony No. 2 "World" for orchestra and chorus. (Verlag vierdreiunddreissig ISMN M-50098-319-4)
  • Tower for clarinet and piano. (Verlag vierdreiunddreissig ISMN M-50098-320-0)
  • Clouds in my dream for piano and electronics. (Verlag vierdreiunddreissig ISMN M-50098-311-8)
  • Divine Image for two violins and soprano. (Verlag vierdreiunddreissig ISMN M-50098-312-5)
  • Lost in Civilization for chamber ensemble. (Verlag vierdreiunddreissig ISMN M-50098-313-2)
  • Polarity for cello solo. (Verlag vierdreiunddreissig ISMN M-50098-314-9)
  • Sunset in my homeland for clarinet, violin and piano. (Verlag vierdreiunddreissig ISMN M-50098-316-3)
  • Symphony of Winds "Heavenly Justice" for wind ensemble. (Verlag vierdreiunddreissig ISMN M-50098-309-5)
  • Calligraphic motion for trombone. (Verlag vierdreiunddreissig ISMN M-50098-308-8), Munich, Germany.
  • Contemplation for piano. (Verlag vierdreiunddreissug ISMN M-50098-299-9), Munich, Germany.
  • Snow for pipa and cello. (Verlag vierdreiunddreissig ISMN M-50098-310-1) Munich, Germany.
  • Winds from the South for clarinet, trumpet and piano. (Verlag vierdreiunddreissig ISMN M-50098-298-2) Munich, Germany
  • Fishing in Snow for trumpet and piano (Scherzo Editions, SE-0061, ISMN 979-0-707706-64-0)
  • Quantum Mysticism for piano (Scherzo Editions, SE-0038, ISMN 979-0-707706-39-8)
  • Buiseorando for trombone and piano (Scherzo Editions, SE-0052, ISMN 979-0-707706-51-0 )
  • Flaming Passion for flute, cello, and piano (Scherzo Editions, SE-0042, ISMN 979-0-707706-41-1)
  • Fishing in Snow for trumpet and piano (Scherzo Editions, SE-0038, ISMN 979-0-707706-39-8)
  • Sign of Spring for double bass and piano (Scherzo Editions, SE-0036, ISMN 979-0-707706-37-4)
  • Spring Flower for flute, clarinet, and bassoon (Scherzo Editions, SE-0027, ISMN 979-0-707706-28-2 )
  • Tunneling for piano and electronics (Scherzo Editions, SE-0032, ISMN 979-0-707706-34-3 )
  • The Maximum Speed of Raphael's Madonna for flute and piano (Scherzo Editions, SE-0026, ISMN 979-0-707706-02-2 )
  • Divertimento "Chromatic Fantasy" for organ (Scherzo Editions: SE-0035, ISMN 979-0-707706-36-7 )
  • The Great Wall for clarinet, bassoon and piano (Scherzo Editions, SE-0060, ISMN 979-0-707706-61-9)
  • Blossoms for brass ensemble (Portugal: Scherzo Editions, SE-0058, ISMN 979-0-707706-59-6)
  • Emotional Waves for piano 4-hands (Bavaria, Germany: Helm & Baynov Verlag, HB 7514)
  • Breeze for flute (Italy: Edizioni Sconfinarte, New Music Without Borders series II, ES 541)
  • Secret for violin (Italy: Edizioni Sconfinarte, New Music Without Borders serie
  • Our Father "The Lord's Prayer" for mixed choir (Cambridge, MA: Zimbel Press, No. 80101263)
  • O Virtus Sapientiae for SATB mixed Choir (Cambridge, MA: Zimbel Press, No.80101264)
  • Oculus non vidit for SATB mixed Choir (Cambridge, MA: Zimbel Press, No. 80101277)
  • Psalm 23 for high voices and piano (HK: Hong Kong Church Music Service Limited,SM-E263)
  • Recalling from Dream for trumpet and piano (Winterpark, Fl: Wehr's Music House, WM No. 345)
  • Reflection for Trombone Choir (Winterpark, Fl: Wehr's Music House, WM No. 391)
  • The Refraction of Shadow for trombone and piano (Winterpark, Fl: Wehr's Music House, WM No. 397)
  • Three Organ Pieces: Meditation, Mystical Aria, Toccata Fantastique (Cambridge, MA: Zimbel Press, No. 80101246, distributed by Subito Music Corperation.)


Album Label: Illusion: Music of Man-Ching Donald Yu (2006) ZR 113, Zimbel Records, Massachusetts,United States

  • Sonata No. 1 "Grand Concert Fantasy" for piano (pianist: Donald Yu)
  • Sonata No. 2 "Humoresque" for piano (pianist: Donald Yu)
  • Sonata No. 4 "Chaos" for piano (pianist: Donald Yu)
  • Hell and Heaven for piano (pianist: Donald Yu)
  • Dark Rhapsody for cello and piano (pianist: Donald Yu; cellist: Jeremy Shih)
  • Illusion for oboe and piano (pianist: Donald Yu; oboe: Euridice M. Alvarez Izcoa)
  • Five Japanese Lyrics for soprano and piano(pianist: Donald Yu; soprano: Kristi Foster)
  • Uncertainty for piano (pianist: Donald Yu)
  • Fantasy on "The Lady of Shalott" for piano (pianist: Donald Yu)
  • Five Miniatures for piano (pianist: Donald Yu)
  • William Shakespeare's Sonnet No. 104 for mezzo-soprano and piano (pianist: Donald Yu; mezzo-soprano: Xia Heng)

Album Label: Surrealistic Soundscapes (2012 Nov.), TROY 1378, Albany Records, New York.

  • First Symphony for orchestra (Lugansk Academic Philharmonic Orchestra)
  • From the Depth for soprano, chorus and orchestra
  • Octet for strings (Ukraine Octet Players)
  • Sunset in My Homeland for violin, clarinet, and piano
  • Disintegration for piano and electronics
  • Explosion for piano
  • Two Poems by Ya Hsien for baritone and piano
  • Breeze for flute
  • The Maximum Speed of Raphael's Madonna for flute and piano

Album Label: Millennium Master Vol. 6  (2015 December), ar-00024, Ablaze Records, United States.                      

  • String Quartet  No.2 "Heard on Vortex"

Album Label: Two Days and Two Nights of New Music-The International Festival of Modern Art 2008-2018, the Association New Music, Odessa, Ukraine.       

  • Emergence for clarinet, violin and piano (Senza Sforzando Ensemble)